Hello, I’m Charlotte.

My unique approach to Cyclical Wellbeing provides creatives, entrepreneurs, and innovative teams with a framework to bring the understanding of nature’s rhythms into both their personal way of approaching their work and wellbeing, as well as inform the management of creative projects to generate sustainable outcomes for organisations and our environment.

I’m a cyclical wellbeing practitioner and founder of Rhythms of Nature. I hold an MSc with distinction in wellbeing psychology and specialise in the role nature’s rhythms play in our wellbeing – from cycles of breath to seasons, creative cycles to menstrual cycles.

Through one-on-one work, workshops and talks, I help people discover how their cyclical psychology and physiology can become an asset – instead of a hindrance or nuisance – guiding them to a sense of greater creativity, intuition, and aliveness. I work with creatives, leaders, and forward-thinking businesses who are ready to discover a whole new way of working and creating.


The workplace of the future is cycle aware. 

You’re an organisation who believes your people are your biggest asset? Discover how you can increase wellbeing and creativity at work by aligning with nature’s cyclical rhythms – daily, monthly, and seasonal. Book me for speaking, teaching and more.


Rhythms of Nature courses and workshops teach you how to bring Cyclical Wellbeing to your life.

There’s a whole new way of working and creating in the world: one that feels both meaningful and impactful – creating wellbeing for ourselves, our community and the planet. Your body and cycles can take you there.


Find your rhythm with personalised one-on-one support.

Discover how your cyclical psychology and physiology can become your greatest asset. In a one-off session or over the course of multiple cycles, menstrual, lunar, or seasonal, we work together to help you find your own rhythm and bring cyclical wellbeing to your life.

 Ready to learn more about Cyclical Wellbeing but not sure where to start?

Book a free clarity call with me.

“I absolutely loved the Cyclical Wellbeing talk shared by Charlotte. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, but her experience in the (creative) industry also made the discussion of natural cycles much more relatable to the ebbs and flows of working in a design studio. The talk has opened up new ways for us to discuss menstrual cycles and ways of working with our team more openly and effectively. So, so good.”

Workshop participant, For The People

“As I am already working with Charlotte for years, I am a blessed to witness her expanding her toolset and skills month by month. Her sensitivity guides her exactly to the topics which are ready to be looked at and her truly unique approach allows her to get to the core like no other. Charlotte accompanied me through the most challenging time of my life. I do not know what I would have done without her care, support, and wisdom during that phase and after. I experience the positive effect of her work on my personal development, my being as a woman, my general wellbeing and my health every single day. I recommend her to every woman, regardless if they are sailing through truly troubled waters and need immediate, tangible support, or if they are longing to make the next step on their personal journey.” 

Dorothee, HR Lead, Germany

“Charlotte is deeply sensitive and intuitive, and she has taught me much that has been life changing – deeply transformational. Before working with Charlotte, I lived in my head and my body was a necessary appendage that did not get much of my attention. Charlotte has taught me to connect with the energy/intelligence centres in my body. Listening to my body has become important to me and I trust what I hear. Charlotte has also taught me much about natural rhythms – and cycles – and how, by being tuned in to these (moon, monthly, weekly, daily etc), we can learn to use our time and energy more effectively.”

Carol, Executive Coach, UK/Kenya