Hello, I’m Charlotte.

I reconnect women to the source of their innate wisdom, intuition and feminine power: their bodies and nature’s cycles. Women come to me for my bespoke and compassionate approach to wellbeing. I’ll give you a fresh and honest perspective on women’s wellbeing and psychology, through a unique combination of modern modalities and ancient wisdom. From positive psychology—the science of wellbeing and human flourishing to a revolutionary approach in women’s yoga, I’ll work with you as a whole woman. Body, mind, heart, spirit.

We’ll create a space to support you in living your life with feminine power.

Let’s explore your inner wilderness.


Women’s wellbeing consultations, coaching packages, personal yoga and bespoke immersions. 

I combine tools from positive and coaching psychology with a range of embodiment and self-care practices informed by scientific research in women’s wellbeing and practices in Taoism and Tantra Yoga. This work is for women committed to diving deep into feminine truth to unearth their untamed power.

Available worldwide online.

Retreat Women's Circle


Retreats, wellbeing workshops, women’s self-care informed yoga classes and women’s circles.

Throughout the centuries women’s gatherings have been forbidden and still are in many parts of the world today. This is for one reason. When women step into circle together, magic happens. True feminine power awakens. Sisters, it’s about time. 

Charlotte Friedrich Women's Wellbeing Coach

This was icing on the cake. The exercises were amazing, powerful and brought out a good cry. My heart feels so full and peaceful today. I can see how a greater power pulled me to come to Bali. I am so awestruck today and thankful for the experience.

Kelly, USA

I’ve been taking private yoga classes with Charlotte for a couple of years now and have also participated in her workshops. Actually, Charlotte was the one who opened the world of Yoga and it’s healing powers to me – she accompanied me through the most challenging time of my life. I do not know what I would have done without her care, tireless support, positivity and wisdom during that phase and after. 

As I am already working with her for years, I am a blessed to witness her expanding her toolset and skills month by month. While I am aware that she is a natural healer, I am still in awe about how her sensitivity guides her exactly to the topics which are ready to be looked at and healed. It is easy to fully give up control and hand over everything to her – she will navigate with unshakeable security and keep the flow going. Her truly unique approach allows her to get to the core like no other. I experience the positive effect of her work on my personal and spiritual development, my being as a woman, my general wellbeing and my health every single day. She is a true teacher  – in the best sense of the word.

I recommend her to every woman, regardless if they are sailing through truly troubled waters and need immediate, tangible support, or if they are longing for making the next step in their personal and spiritual journey. 

Dorothee, Germany

Charlotte has a naturally supportive demeanour that creates a calm and comfortable environment. This is critical to the success of the often-difficult and personally uncomfortable process of honest and deep self-exploration. Her intuitiveness and skill in guiding this process compels you to confront fears and challenges that you may not have even been able to identify previously. I only worked with Charlotte once during a trip to Bali and I would highly recommend that anyone take advantage of such an opportunity. I felt much more aware of, in control of, and at peace with personal challenges after our session.

Phoebe, USA