Hello, I’m Charlotte.

Born in Bavaria, today I travel between Europe, Bali and New Zealand – helping purpose-driven women reconnect to the natural cycles within and around them and reclaim their inner wisdom so that they can live richer, healthier and more fulfilled lives.


I fell in love with yoga in my teens, when I was able to ease chronic sleep problems and psychosomatic digestive issues through my practice. Yoga enabled me to ‘function’ successfully throughout my studies and into a successful career working internationally in human resources. For a long time, that’s what yoga was all about for me – enabling the everyday. However, over time the practice planted a seed that saw me begin to ask bigger questions of myself, of others, of the world.

In 2015, I completed my first yoga teacher training at AirYoga in Munich. Shortly afterwards, I quit my job and began travelling the world seeking new answers to old questions – hoping that if I’d find them, I’d finally feel healthy, happy and…normal.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours meditating in the Himalayas, led international retreats and workshops on Bali and worked with retreats on remote islands in the South Pacific. However, what I soon discovered on my journey was that many of the yoga and meditation practices I had studied, followed and facilitated lacked any real understanding of the greater influence of the practice on a woman’s physiology or psychology specifically. Practices were traditionally passed through exclusively male lineages, many designed for men in monasteries and aimed at transcending the body and our human experience of it.

My curiosity to explore a different approach to wellbeing led me to study a unique master’s program in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology – the science of wellbeing and human flourishing.

But a piece of the puzzle was still missing: the female perspective. It was only when I gained the extraordinary opportunity to join some of the pioneers of women’s yoga for an in-depth women’s self-care training on Bali, that my previous individual pursuits came together, creating a collective approach to women’s wellbeing that honours new and forgotten women’s wisdom.

The first step to heal ourselves as women, is to understand ourselves and our unique needs as a woman. And as a woman today, I’d never really learned that. I hardly knew a thing about how my body worked (even after endless hours of anatomy classes). I didn’t know a thing about the creative-feminine power that had brought me into this world in the first place. I ate all the healthy food and gave my body plenty of rest and movement – and I still felt out of sync. My emotions felt uncontrollable; my energy levels unpredictable. It was only when I began to study and work with cycle awareness, that everything shifted.

After all the soul searching (as cliché as it sounds) – I realised that what I had been searching for in the world had been inside of me all along. As a woman, my cycles – within and around me have become my innate spiritual guide and practice. They remind me of the life-death-life cycle on a monthly basis. And moment to moment, my breath has become my constant reminder to accept everything that life offers me as I inhale, and to give it all back, unconditionally, as I exhale. Reminding me that as long as I breathe, there is more right with me than wrong with me.

I began to see that there was never anything wrong with me in the first place. Instead, I started to fall in love with the whole range of the human experience. The constant and continual ebb and flow of my energy which I have now learned to flow with rather than fight, the depth and intensity of my emotions – the delicate strength of my female body.

And now my work is to remind you of yours.

This work is not about improving you or me. It’s not about self-development either. That’s what life naturally does to us when we surrender. It’s about becoming intimate with life. To live fully. To be at home in every part of your body. To become real with life and all it’s offering. To tune our senses into the unique possibilities of the human experience.

I’m so passionate about this work, because in the process of discovering it I found myself asking too many times during trainings, ‘why no one had ever told me about these things before’. What I learned felt so true. So familiar and yet, I’d never heard of any of it before. Either that, or it was packed so tight into scientific terminology that it simply didn’t make any sense to me. Simply put, I couldn’t understand what it actually all meant for me in daily life. But now, I believe it’s our birth right to understand the magic of our bodies and cycles within them.

We need to reclaim the wisdom of our own bodies, such as that found within our own natural cycles, not just for our own sake, but that of future generations too. This is not just an act of rebellion against the patriarchal society we’re still living in today (let’s be honest) but in my view an essential step to bring each of us, including the world and our environment back into balance. She’s called Mother Earth after all.

Today I share with the world what I deeply believe should be part of every women’s education. And from here, I help you rediscover and remember your own truth. Let’s strip away together, all the layers of right and wrong and go to the space where you can hear the whispers of your soul and the sigh of your body speaking to you in her unique language.

Together, let’s explore your inner wilderness.



MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology

University of East London, London, UK

Master’s thesis: Embodied Superpower. A qualitative study of the experience of highly sensitive wellbeing practitioners.

B.A – Business Psychology 

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Munich – Germany

Bachelor’s thesis: Mindfulness and Stress Reduction – empirical study of an employee training.


Women’s Self-Care 200 h Teacher Training 

High Vibe Yoga, The Yoga Barn – Bali

Hatha Vinyasa – RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training 

AirYoga, Munich – Germany 

Attendance of Workshops & Intensives

60 + hours of ongoing training with senior teachers, including Mark Whitwell, Doug Keller, Rachel Zinman, Vincent Bolletta, & Megan Currie.


Human Resources Coordinator, Europe 

frog design europe gmbh Munich, Germany

Employee Training and Development Coordinator

General Services and IT, Siemens AG, Munich, Germany 

I hold a master’s degree with distinction in positive psychology and coaching psychology from University of East London. My work combines cutting edge science with ancient teachings and a revolutionary approach to women’s yoga. My approach has been influenced by the taboo-breaking teachings of Emily Kuser, unafraid to to ask all the uncomfortable questions we ponder as women. Bex Tyrer, one of the most courageous women I know. Her simple yet profound approach to yoga as activism and focus on trauma sensitivity has changed my perspective on yoga and life. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, the fiery author of Yoni Shakti and pioneer of womb yoga. Donna Fahri, who I still hope to study with in person one day, but who has already taught me more than anyone else how to bring yoga off the mat and into everyday life. Rachel Zinman’s ISTAM yoga suited for every body. Doug Keller’s humble approach to yoga as therapy. And lastly, but most importantly, every single women who I had the honour to work with.


Perhaps you are ready to take your wellbeing into your own hands, but simply not sure where to start? You know there is more to all of this, but something is holding you back. You’ve made it to the right place. On the mat, in a coaching session and preferably in nature – my aim is to co-create a space to tend to the parts of you that lay dormant and now ask to be uncovered.

Join me and a group of women on a retreat or workshop or get in touch for a one-to-one session with me.