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Utilising the full power of cycles in projects, creativity and work


The second part of my recent conversation with Maya from the Life-Work Podcast looks at how we can harnessing the power of cycles in all kinds of creative projects. And of course, we also touch on menstrual cycles and menopause! [...]

Utilising the full power of cycles in projects, creativity and work2023-04-05T23:35:43+00:00

The Canary in the Goldmine


Over the past five years of working in the women’s wellbeing space, I’ve noticed the awareness of menstrual health conditions rise. Labelling these conditions with terms such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or hypothalamic amenorrhea has both advantages and disadvantages [...]

The Canary in the Goldmine2023-03-30T03:02:08+00:00

How to turn menstrual cycles into a superpower


I recently sat down with Maya from the Life-Work Podcast to talk about how to turn menstrual cycles into a superpower – especially within the work context. In the first part of this conversation we turn the typical response to periods (an inconvenience to be minimised) completely on its head [...]

How to turn menstrual cycles into a superpower2023-04-05T23:40:13+00:00

On Cyclical Planning


Our way of planning today, at least in western countries, is primarily based on the Gregorian calendar. The year begins on January 1. We think in weeks and months, weekdays and weekends.T here are holidays (thank god!) and there are times when [...]

On Cyclical Planning2023-03-22T22:34:49+00:00

Creative Spaces


I know the creative space well. Both my parents worked at a theatre, and I basically grew up backstage. I worked in Human Resources at a creative agency before starting my wellbeing practice. I loved sharing the studio with switched-on out-of-the-box thinkers [...]

Creative Spaces2023-03-16T00:11:00+00:00

An Ancient Relationship


Since the beginning of time on this planet, life evolved cyclically – based on the cycles of the sun and the moon creating light and day, different degrees of luminance, and the seasons. Our relationship to the rhythms of nature is ancient [...]

An Ancient Relationship2023-03-15T03:50:49+00:00
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