Rhythms of Nature Courses & Workshops

Rhythms of Nature courses and workshops teach you how to bring Cyclical Wellbeing to your life – online and in-person.

There’s a whole new way of working and creating in the world: one that feels both meaningful and impactful – creating wellbeing for ourselves, our community and the planet. Your body and cycles can take you there.  


Nourish yourself by aligning with the moon cycles.

A 4-week (one moon cycle) self-paced course that will guide you in how to nurture yourself through all phases of life by working with the cyclical energies of the moon. 

Online. Start anytime. Info & booking. 


Reclaim your menstrual cycle as the foundation of your wellbeing and creativity.

A 5-week online foundations course to teach you how to chart your menstrual cycle and discover your unique rhythm for life, work, and creativity. 

Coming soon.


A journey through Winter’s five chambers of transformation. 

Be held in a space of deep rest and listening. The Winter Wisdom workshop combines cyclical knowledge, gentle movement and meditative practices, leaving you feeling deeply nourished and connected to the wisdom that winter holds for you.

Next in person date: December 2nd at Hey Club, Utting am Ammersee, Germany. Details & booking.

“Charlotte gracefully guided us through a gentle, soothing practice each week as she seamlessly wove together the themes of the lunar phases and our inner cycles and seasons. I left each session feeling nourished, held, and grateful. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to mindfully tune in to the nuances of their cycle, and feel supported throughout the whole month. It was a privilege to participate in a program facilitated by Charlotte!”

Ali, New Zealand / Canada

“I feel more connected to the moon and how it impacts my emotions and energy levels. I believe it all now! I’ve truly started trusting in the process more, trusting in the ebbs and flows of life – that they flow just like the moon makes so much sense.”

Sarah, Writing Agency Director, New Zealand

“Honouring the moon cycles is something I tried to do, but never really understood how or had an access point for. Doing the (Lunar Rhythms) course I found a much better understanding of the cycles and how they related to myself and my body personally. The meditations really grounded me, helped me understand my own experiences throughout the cycle, and made me feel less overwhelmed.”

Jas, Theatre Arts Student, UK

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