Bespoke one-on-one support.

Find your rhythm and discover how your cyclical psychology and physiology can become your greatest asset. In a one-off session or over the course of multiple cycles, menstrual, lunar, or seasonal, we work together to help you find your own rhythm and bring cyclical wellbeing to your life. Spots are limited and available online. 

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In this 75 minute one-on-one session, I’ll meet you where you’re at.

We can either focus on a specific topic or start to explore more generally how you could improve your cyclical wellbeing. Generally speaking, the more specific your inquiry is, the more practically this session will support to you. However, just wanting to explore is totally welcome too and often a good starting point.

Here’s some ideas on what we could cover in our session.

Packages available after the initial session.

Charlotte Friedrich Menstrual Cycle Awareness Coaching


I usually work with clients for about three cycles – menstrual or lunar, depending on their needs.

This timeframe enables a sustainable rebalancing of your cycles for greater wellbeing, while providing you with a solid understanding of your body and cycles, that you’ll be able to draw on for the rest of your life. 

Find out what a three-cycle approach might look like.

Limited spots available. 


Rebalancing our rhythms needs to involve the body in the process.

Drawing on +7 years experience as a yoga and meditation teacher, I’ll support you in finding the right movement and rest practices for you to create cyclical wellbeing in your life. 

Receive a personalised rest meditation (Yoga Nidra) or book me for a class.  

Packages available after the initial session.


“As a highly sensitive person, working with Charlotte has been a joy and a lifesaver for me at the same time. Much more than coaching, she has created a space where I felt safe and where I could develop new ways of thinking and – more importantly – feeling. Learning about the cycles has given me a new perspective on creating a (work) life that is both meaningful and powerful. I truly recommend working with Charlotte – as she is a wonderful, intuitive, warmhearted human being. The variety of tools she uses, such as coaching, yoga nidra, and meditation, has supported me in becoming more loving and caring towards myself.”

Just by talking about my own thoughts with Charlotte’s guidance – asking questions when I got stuck in my thinking – I became more clear. I think when you go through this “lost in the forest” feeling, the guidance, questions and summarising are really important to find and see the bigger picture. I felt very safe and I felt that everything could be talked about. This was really liberating as it got me to tap into and explore other areas that helped me see things from another angle.

Dr. Patric J. Jansson, CEO, Australia

“Not often do we meet people with such a great listening ability, able to analyse people’s personality, their complexity, their weaknesses and strength, and without judgment.  I’ve had the pleasure and honour to work with Charlotte on different occasions: First of all, she helped me deepened my practice of Yoga and opened me up to meditation. More recently, Charlotte and I worked on another aspect of me: being highly sensitivity. As a highly sensitive person herself, Charlotte has studied ways to cope with being highly sensitivity through her master’s thesis. This is precious and I very much recommend her coaching to all.”

Here’s some of the topics I cover in coaching sessions, talks, or workshops:

  • The emotional and physical impact nature’s cycles (menstrual, lunar, circadian, seasonal,…) have on your life and work and how to work with them.
  • How to work with cycles or times in the cycle that are challenging on an emotion or physical level.
  • Learning to ‘chart’ your ‘primary cycle’ and how to orient yourselves within the natural cycles that influence you. Knowing where we are in a cycle can already help us calm and help our nervous system adapt so we can respond accordingly.
  • Discovering your unique patterns in relation to your creativity and wellbeing: When do you feel well resourced, when most tender and vulnerable? When most creative? When are you in editing mode?
    Once we can predict these patterns, we can start to work with them. (From planning our four-year olds birthday party, to studying for an exam, or holding a major presentation.)
  • How to actually listen to what our body needs and reconnect to our body, cycles and intuition. Hint: they’re all linked.
  • Simple scheduling and planning practices that are based on female hormonal cycles –instead of male hormonal cycles– at any point of your life (pre & post menopause, on & off hormonal contraception, etc).
  • How these cycles are connected to the creative cycle – the blueprint we follow when we set out on a creative project of any kind – and how we can use our inner cycles to our advantage in bringing these projects alive.
  • Aligning your life, work and creative projects with these cycles – and know what to do when things don’t go as planned.
  • When in a cycle resting is most effective, and how periods of rest can support creating a stronger vision for the future and move forward with clarity and direction.
  • Finding a sense of creative flow and learn how to access this state in different ways in different phases of the cycle.
  • Creating sustainable rhythms of rest and creation that leave you feel nourished instead of burned out. If you’re currently feeling exhausted, empty, or dried up, integrating different (and surprising) types of rest, like personalised Yoga Nidra practices for creativity.
  • Understanding what keeps us from resting, learning how to work with the resistance to rest, and different and surprising ways of getting rest in our modern busy lives.
  • Using the superpowers of each cycle phase, so our unique female psychology and physiology can become an asset – instead of a hindrance or nuisance.
  • Realising that our cycles are an embodied experience of nature’s creative cycles. They are incredibly powerful and deserve recognition. Without them there wouldn’t be any human life on this planet.
  • Discover the power of cacao for creativity through neuroplasticity. A gentle plant medicine full of beneficial biochemical compounds and minerals that nourish your body, connect you to your heart and support optimal brain function.
  • How heart-and body-based decision making can create more head-space, calm, and clarity.
  • Establishing daily, monthly, and seasonal rhythms that support you in working and living in a way that feels both meaningful and impactful – creating wellbeing for ourselves, our community and the planet.