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I offer bespoke one-to-one sessions for women who are ready to reclaim their power and re-connect to their innate feminine wisdom. Because no two women are the same, no two sessions are either. Together, one-to-one, we’ll co-create a space –based either on the topic you bring with you or that which surfaces together, utilising a range of techniques to facilitate your personal journey to your wild feminine power.

Below you’ll find a selection of ways to work with me and some of my guiding principles.


A deep-dive session to kick off your journey to improve your wellbeing – the feminine way.

Together, we will take time to understand your current situation in detail and put together a set of practices to support you holistically. These include yoga practices, coaching exercises or lifestyle changes, which you could implement independently or with further support from me. This session can also provide a space for a one-off consultation focused on supporting the healing of women’s health challenges (e.g. support while coming off hormonal contraception or IUDs, fibroids, endometriosis, irregular cycle, PCOS, heavy bleeding, period pain, PMS).


Bespoke coaching packages, to unlock your untamed feminine power and true purpose.

I offer coaching packages to women committed to themselves and their journey home. Available for three, six and thirteen lunar months ensuring consistency in integration, including support through all that surfaces in the process. Working through several lunar cycles, as well as longer phases within womanhood, for example peri-menopause, you will learn to navigate life’s transitions with greater clarity and ease.

This holistic approach embraces the interrelated nature of body, mind, heart, and spirit by combining cycle awareness, yoga, psychology, and coaching elements as needed, ensuring the best outcomes for you. 


Women’s self-care informed yoga practices, welcoming you home in every part of your body. 

Suitable for any woman who would like to practice a sensual and bespoke yoga practice, supporting healing and growth throughout your monthly or life-long cycles. Practices may also include co-created Yoga Nidra and Reiki Healing. Available as a follow-up to the Wellbeing Consultation to support integration and fine-tune initial recommendations as your journey evolves.


If you are ready to reclaim your own power and wellbeing, you can book in for a complimentary discovery call with me. In this 30 minute session we can address any questions and get a feel if we’d like to work together.

Sessions available worldwide online. Also in person depending on availability and location.

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Bespoke immersion packages to mark and support important transitions in a woman’s life. 

Would you like to honour yourself on your journey through womanhood? Let’s create a life affirming experience just for you.

Half day adventures, weekend escapes, and personal retreats in New Zealand’s most pristine wilderness. 

Available only on request. Limited spots.

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All my work is based on the lunar (moon) cycles which guide a woman’s life. Understanding why our emotions, menstruation and energy levels work in cycles. Working with these cycles facilitates clear decision making, a deep trust and connection with nature and access to a nature-based calendar – revealing when and how to work, plan and be social and when to reserve energy, retreat and rest.

All sessions incorporate the framework of Positive Psychology – the science of wellbeing and human flourishing. Together, we’ll take a close look at the strengths and values that enable you to thrive and create a fulfilling life

All parts of you are welcome. I work with you as a whole woman. Together, exploring your overall wellbeing – body, mind, heart, and spirit – and considering specific topics in relation to it. If at any point I don’t feel I can fully support you in any of these aspects, I might connect you to women in my Kula (community), e.g. an Ayurvedic specialist, a natural fertility facilitator, or osteopath, to make sure you’re taken care of in the best possible way.

We will listen to the whispers of your soul and access your deep wild wisdom, felt sense and intuition. Are you ready to explore your inner wilderness?

Just by talking about my own thoughts with Charlotte’s guidance – asking questions when I got stuck in my thinking – I became more clear. I think when you go through this “lost in the forest” feeling, the guidance, questions and summarising are really important to find and see the bigger picture. I felt very safe and I felt that everything could be talked about. This was really liberating as it got me to tap into and explore other areas that helped me see things from another angle.

Pat, Australia

Not often do we meet people with such a great listening ability, able to analyse people’s personality, their complexity, their weaknesses and strength, and without judgment.  I’ve had the pleasure and honour to work with Charlotte on different occasions: First of all, she helped me deepened my practice of Yoga and opened me up to meditation. More recently, Charlotte and I worked on another aspect of me: being highly sensitivity. As a highly sensitive person herself, Charlotte has studied ways to cope with being highly sensitivity through her master’s thesis. She not only coached me on dealing with it, but also followed up with readings, exercises, and tips. All in all, I found Charlotte to be very professional and an extremely human woman. This is precious and I very much recommend her coaching to all.

Noemie, France