Cyclical Wellbeing for Organisations

You’re an organisation who believes your people are your biggest asset? As a speaker and workshop facilitator, I work with innovative teams and organisations, who are ready to discover a whole new way of working and creating. Discover how you can increase wellbeing and creativity at work by aligning with nature’s cyclical rhythms – daily, monthly, and seasonal. 

Prior to running my own wellbeing practice, I worked in international HR and development roles with leading global creative consultancy frog design in Europe and as Employee Training and Development Coordinator with Siemens.

Through this experience and my BA in Business Psychology, with a focus on organisational and personnel development, I’ve developed a keen understanding of how my wellbeing expertise can be applied within the professional context of organisations.

I’ve successfully run and evaluated employee training, such as a ten day programme to reduce stress through mindfulness meditation.

My talks and workshops on Cyclical Wellbeing empower people to turn their cyclical psychology and physiology into an asset.

Topics for workshops or talks in your organisation could include: 

  • Cyclical Wellbeing
  • Creative Cycles 
  • Cyclical Leadership 
  • Menstrual Cycle Awareness 
  • Women’s Wellbeing at Work

Here’s an example of what a 90 minute talk on Cyclical Wellbeing could cover:


In this talk with wellbeing expert Charlotte Friedrich, you’ll discover how you can increase your wellbeing and creativity by aligning yourselves with nature’s cyclical rhythms – daily, monthly, and seasonal.

Nature’s cyclical rhythms silently orchestrate our lives, no matter if we’re aware of them or not. They follow cyclical patterns – daily, monthly, and seasonal – influencing everything from our physical energy and mood to our ability to focus and be creative. 

In modern life, we’re rarely aware of these rhythms. As a result, we often end up working against them, which leaves us feeling exhausted and as if we’re swimming against the tide.

Once we begin to understand the foundational patterns of these cycles, we can start aligning ourselves with them – bit by bit. Instead of getting tumbled in the whitewash, we get to ride the wave. 

In this talk, you’ll learn about the different cycles that impact all of us and discover how you can use the knowledge you already have to increase your wellbeing. We will then focus on the female menstrual cycle and how this specific cycle can become an asset to us in the context of creativity and work – no matter if you have a menstrual cycle yourself or work with those who do.

I offer follow-up options to support your organisation in integrating the learnings from a talk or workshop and get results that last. 

“I absolutely loved the Cyclical Wellbeing talk shared by Charlotte. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, but her experience in the (creative) industry also made the discussion of natural cycles much more relatable to the ebbs and flows of working in a design studio. The talk has opened up new ways for us to discuss menstrual cycles and ways of working with our team more openly and effectively. So, so good.”

“I’d never thought about how everything around us operates in cycles – I think that really helped me to normalise my own menstrual cycle more. Operating in ‘seasons’ and using that to communicate with the rest of the team was a really helpful tool.”

“I expected to be informed, I didn’t expect to be shocked, and to be left with so much to think about. What Charlotte introduces you to is accessible and intuitive – but clearly backed by rigorous research, cleverly integrated. I’d love to learn more from Charlotte, and would encourage everyone to hear her speak.”

“I do workshops on story structure, which is cyclical in nature, too… (the Cyclical Wellbeing talk) actually helped me understand something about story structure better. Which was a hugely unexpected but delightful outcome.”

“My only complaint is that I wanted to know much more.”

“It was so insightful and so wonderful having the space to learn more about cycles with my colleagues.”

“I think having, and normalising, conversations about menstrual cycles (which are often taboo) with my colleagues was really cool. I also loved how fun and engaging it was. Charlotte brought a natural sense of humour which made everyone so comfortable.”


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