Lunar Flow – 4-Part Online Series

$ 157.00

Recorded introductory session

Four recorded yoga practices

Two recorded moon meditations

A welcome document

Bonus: A Dark Moon Yoga Nidra practice (in English only).

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This series is designed to accompany you over the course of one lunar month – and beyond. Four yoga online classes, two guided meditations (for the full moon and new moon), a Dark Moon Yoga Nidra and an additional introductory session will reconnect you to the moon cycles. You’ll learn how to honour the different phases of the moon and her distinct energies on and off the mat.


What does the Lunar Flow Immersion include?

☾ Recorded introductory session on the lunar cycles and phases and how to integrate them into everyday life.

☾ Four recorded yoga practices that honour the four different moon phases (ca. 1 hour each).

☾ Two recorded moon meditations for the full moon and new moon.

☾ A welcome document to guide you through the immersion, including an overview of the interplay between the moon phases and the phases of the little moon inside (the menstrual cycle).

Bonus: A Yoga Nidra practice for deep rest during the time of the dark moon (in English only).


You’ll get access to all recordings of the sessions to download and keep!


“Charlotte gracefully guided us through a gentle, soothing practice each week as she seamlessly wove together the themes of the lunar phases and our inner cycles and seasons. I left each session feeling nourished, held, and grateful. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to mindfully tune into the nuances of their cycle, and feel supported throughout the whole month. It was a privilege to participate in a program facilitated by Charlotte!”


This is for you, no matter if you (currently) have a menstrual cycle or not.

If you are menstruating, bringing awareness to the moon (lunar) cycles through your yoga practice is a great opportunity to honour the ebb and flow of your energy over a month, adding another layer to the practice of cycle awareness, and can even help to balance irregular periods.

If you’re currently not menstruating or have passed menopause, the moon cycles are a wonderful opportunity to still “be in the cycles” and connect to nature’s rhythms.

This probably isn’t for you…
… if you prefer a strict routine that is the same every day.
… if you are looking to master a certain pose.
… if you believe in perfect alignment and that’s what you’re looking for.
… if you’re looking for a workout.


“Honouring the moon cycles is something I tried to do, but never really understood how, or had an access point for. Doing the immersion I found a much better understanding of the cycles and how they related to myself and my body personally. The meditations really grounded me, helping me understand my own experiences throughout my cycle, and made me feel less overwhelmed over the month.”


If you have any questions, please get in touch via email or my contact form.

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