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I work with creatives, leaders, and forward-thinking businesses who are ready to discover a whole new way of working and creating. Through one-on-one work, workshops and talks, I help people create more Cyclical Wellbeing in their life and work.


The workplace of the future is cycle aware. 

You’re an organisation who believes your people are your biggest asset? Discover how you can increase wellbeing and creativity at work by aligning with nature’s cyclical rhythms – daily, monthly, and seasonal.

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Learn about the Rhythms of Nature and bring Cyclical Wellbeing into your life.

There’s a whole new way of working and creating in the world: one that feels both meaningful and impactful – creating wellbeing for ourselves, our community and the planet. Your body and cycles can take you there.

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Find your rhythm with personalised one-on-one support.

Discover how your cyclical psychology and physiology can become your greatest asset. In a one-off session or over the course of multiple cycles, menstrual, lunar, or seasonal, we work together to help you find your own rhythm and bring cyclical wellbeing to your life.

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