Podcast Life-Work with Maya: How to turn menstrual cycles into a superpower (Part 1)

Photo © Elena Panizza

I recently sat down with Maya from the Life-Work Podcast to talk about how to turn menstrual cycles into a superpower – especially within the work context. 

In this conversation we turn the typical response to periods (an inconvenience to be minimised) completely on its head.

This is not a conversation for women (or menstruators) alone – men, tune in and tap into a powerful resource for communicating about this stuff – which, like it or not, IS present at work.

On this podcast, we talk about a few things you might not have heard from me before:

  • Why this is a topic for men AND women
  • How to apply the power of cycles to work 

 We also chatted about many things that you have heard me teach about:

  • Understand how universal cycles are in our lives (from the breath to the economy)
  • Learn the phases of the menstrual cycle
  • Understand the role of the lunar cycle
  • Understand the female hormonal cycle
  • Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom
  • Learning to chart your primary cycle
  • Practical actions around charting / planning around your cycle
  • Using the lunar cycle for those with varying cycle lengths

You can find the episode wherever you listen to podcasts.

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