The Seasons Within – Spring Issue

Photo © Empire Within

Spring in the Southern Hemisphere

When spring arrives in the Southern Alps, the first colour you’ll find is yellow. A flush of mimosa, clusters of tiny soft balls against dark green leaves. Next daffodils. Their golden heads heavy, they stand together in groups with heads curiously tilted or gently dropped as if listening intensely. More yellow, as gorse flowers begin to cover the hills, claiming back overused farmland and providing perfect conditions for native trees to come through. Their scent impossibly gentle for such a resilient thorny plant. 

Suddenly the air is filled with so much aroma: the scent of endless possibilities. Winter memories begin to feel like a too heavy jacket. Under the brightness of the returning light, windows expose layers of dust previously gone unnoticed. And we too might notice that we’re ready to shed some dusty layers that weren’t visible throughout the winter months. We’ll feel lighter for it. This is a time to leave behind all seriousness. To be as playful and innocent as a child picking their first wildflowers. 

The Seasons Within magazine recently shared my writing on Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a beautiful wellness publication filled with easy recipes, wellness tips, and a seasonal calendar. You can download the Spring Issue here – for free!